Bangors Organic Veg Boxes is helping to rebuild local food economies

We believe that changing the way we produce and distribute food is fundamental to solving the world’s most pressing social and ecological problems.

About Bangors Organic Veg Boxes

Our certified organic veg boxes offer a sustainable and affordable alternative to supermarket shopping – much of which is grown on our five-acre family-run smallholding, Bangors Organic. Our gardens have been certified organic since 2003, ensuring that only the most nutritious, ethically-conscious produce reaches our customers.

Unlike conventional farming, which makes wide use of manufactured fertilisers and pesticides, organic growing methods use natural fertilisers from plants, less energy and respect the precious ecosystems that yield our crops.

This is something we are passionate about.

We use electric vehicles powered by renewable energy to deliver our boxes, ensuring our carbon footprint and emissions are as low as possible.

There is no silver bullet for overcoming the environmental challenges that face us. But by buying a Bangors Organic Veg Box - containing food as it should be - you’re that little step closer.

Orders close Monday midday for deliveries on Wednesday and Thursday each week

Fair prices for farmers and artisan food producers is vital

We pay our suppliers at least 50% of the retail value for any products we buy in, and when dealing with wholesalers, we check to make sure they pay fair prices to their growers.

The benefits of buying local

Local food supports local economies. Food grown in the local community supports local jobs and encourages variety in our diets. It also requires less transportation, so it's fresher and has a smaller environmental footprint.

Fresher food

Reduced food miles

Support local jobs

Respect for the food system

Fewer preservatives

Better value for money

Reduced packaging

Ooooby is a movement I believe in with values that I respect, that connects People to an Environment of Amazing Food and Purpose.

— Patrick

We've got some great people

Meet some of our committed Bangors Organic Veg Boxes crew who work hard to bring you the tastiest local food. If you would like to be part of the team, get in touch.

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